Famous Personality Wiki

Welcome personality psychologists of PSYC 2301! You will use this site to post your Famous Personality Assessments and to respond to your classmates’ assessments. When we are done we will have a class wiki site full of insights into interesting personalities!

Keep in mind a few tips and rules of engagement while on this site:
  1. Only edit your own page. Do not make edits to the pages that other students have created or that Amy has created. You are welcome, however, to post messages in the discussion tabs that are related to other people’s pages.
  2. Note that all pages on the site are listed in alphabetical order on the left side of the site.
  3. Pages created by Amy that may be helpful include:
    1. Famous Personality Assignment Description: assignment requirements that were passed out in class and available on HuskyCT.
    2. Example: rough example of what your page will look like.
    3. Wiki Instructions and Tips: instructions for how to create your own page, edit your page, and post your responses.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or need help figuring out wikispaces!

Amy Huntington